Case Studies in Micro Molding and Miniaturized Device Automated Assembly

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Tuesday, August 10 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: Tech Theater (Booth #801)

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Title: Case Studies in Micro Molding and Miniaturized Device Automated Assembly

Event Type: Sponsored Session


Micro molding applications have skyrocketed in miniaturized device applications in recent years with the increased need for condensing and adding components in tiny spaces. With the most precise or smallest components usually being the enabling components to the device, using conventional manufacturing and assembly tolerances and methods puts programs at risk.

This technical and solutions-based presentation includes an actual case study from DMF through production using micro molding and associated tooling, assembly, and CT Scanning for:

  • Wall thicknesses and features of 50 microns (0.002”)

  • Flushing out design criteria using 3d micro printing

  • Full factorial multiple component scalability reverting to FEA

  • Using CT scanning to obtain quality DOE data in an expedited fashion

Overcoming technical challenges early in a micro molded program leads to the reduction of costly late-stage development project failures. This presentation will provide risk mitigation strategies to prevent these failures as early as 2 weeks into a micro molding program. Presented and collaborated with Isometric’s team led by 4 subject matter experts with combined industry experience of over 95 years, this case study represents many of the most prevalent micro molding solutions required to support miniaturized device applications.




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